We no longer stain or finish any pieces.
Wood Finishing and Care                                                   
Unfinished Pine  
Sanded to 220 grit ready to finish
Unfinished Oak
Natural Stain on Pine
Clear oil stain on white pine
Natural Stain on Oak
Ipswitch Pine
Ipswitch Pine
Golden Oak  on Pine
Golden Oak  on Oak
Early American
Puritan Pine Stain on Pine   
Puritan Pine Stain on Oak
 Colonial Maple Stain on Pine                          
Colonial Maple Stain on Oak
Cherry on Pine
This is an unfinished "raw" cherry color
Cherry on Oak
Special "Walnut" on Pine
Special Walnut on Oak
Red Oak
Red Oak
Dark Walnut on Pine   
Dark Walnut on Oak
Red Mahogany on Pine      
This is an approx. match to  cherry furniture.
Red Mahogany on Oak