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Our Product Line
   Wall Shelves                              Spice and Curio                      Key and Towel       
    corner shelves                                        single shelf spice                           key rack
    shadow box                                             curio shelves                                  towel rack
    plate shelf                                                spice shelves                                 hand towel rack
    wall shelves                                             spindle curio                                  paper towel holder
    door shelf                                                  collector curio                               toilette paper holder
    counter shelf
    book shelf
   sconce shelf
   plant stand
Mug & Magazine rcks                         Doll Furniture                             Around the House
wall mount magazine rack                        18"  doll chair                                     waste basket  
double wall magazine                                18"  doll cradle                                    foot stool
magazine stand                                          18" doll rocker                                    quilt rack
double wall spindle magazine                  18"  doll bench                                   trash can
wall mount spindle magazine rack          18" doll bed                                        bread box                                                              
                                                                    18" doll park bench                           hamper
                                                              18" doll high chair                              recipe box
                                                                    18" Doll Amorie                               
                                                                    18"Doll Bed with Drawer
Oak Series                                                           Finishes                                                        
Oak Beadboard Wall Cabinet                                   Unfinished                                                                       
Oak Spice Racks                                                        Natural
Oak Curio Shelves                                                     Puritan Pine
Oak Magazine Racks                                                Colonial Maple
Oak  Wall Shelves                                                     Special Walnut  "Walnut"
Oak Corner Shelves                                                  Red Mahogany
Oak Beadboard Spice Racks                                 Dark Walnut
                                                                                     light oak
Custom Work
Some of the custom pieces I've built
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