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Around the House  
All Dimensions may vary
slightly as each piece is
hand built.
Accessories not included
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Large Waste Basket
Solid 3/4" pine waste basket.
12" by 12" wide at the top,and
14" high with a scalloped top
cut out. It has a solid bottom.
#118 Waste Basket
12"w  12"d  14"h
Solid Pine 5/8" thick waste
baskets. 12" high and 9 1/2"
square. With a recessed
bottom. One with a scalloped
top and the other has feet.
Trash Bin  to match our waste
baskets or towel racks. Has a
13x13" lid to fit over the 12"12"
wide and 23" tall solid pine
trash bin.   
#145  trash Bin  
24"h 12"w    12"d
Solid 3/4" pine bread box.
will hold 2 to 3 loaves of bread.
Hammerfinish black hinges
and handle.
Solid 3/4" pine tissue box.
will hold 4 1/2" square tissue
box..6 1/2" high and 6 1/4
square at the top
Front lid tapers down  and is
rounded on the top and bottom.
The bottoms are cut out to form
4 feet to sit on. Solid 3/4" pine.
Fancy Waste Baskets
#140  9.5"w  12"h
Trash Bin
Bread Box
# 150 bread box  
18"wide x 10" high x 10 1/2" deep
Tissue Box
# 116 tissue box
6 1/4"wide x 6 1/2" high
Clothes Hamper
#151 Clothes Hamper
19" wide 12" deep and 29" high
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